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Different effects of aluminum honeycomb panels applied to the ceiling panels

Aluminum honeycomb panels applied to the ceiling panels,Light luxury and simplicity, break the tradition,The high-strength light-weight, aluminum honeycomb core material is sandwiched between two lavers of aluminum plates to form this ideal flat plate with high flatness The smooth surface treatment of the aluminum plate the flat surface and the smallest joint interval make the entire ceiling area present an extremely wide and flat appearance.This innovative panel system can achieve a minimum seam width of 3mm making the indoor ceiling fresh and bright.

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Sandwich panel made with aluminum honeycomb core

After one month of production, the aluminum honeycomb core finally loaded in container, and the destination is Europe. JoyBusiness has supplied lightweight aluminium honeycomb core to many projects. Aluminium honeycomb core can be used in many different ways. Using a honeycomb core for cladding and interior design is advisable on any project because of the way it is manufactured. The core is made of a lightweight material called aluminum formed into hexagons that are dense and designed for quick, high-volume manufacturing. To be composite panels represent a new way of building. More lightness and versatility simplify both the design and construction phases. ——From Europe market

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Export orders from Shanghai port will be delayed due to the COVID-19. If your company have an order, please confirm the delivery date with your supplier and specify the shipping port in China. Avoid affecting the company’s sales plan. We will inform you as soon as possible of the restoration time.

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What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel?

What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel? The characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels are similar to aluminum honeycomb panels, only the grain color can be artistic and characteristics to enhance, and the green building materials wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel characteristics are as follows: light quality, high compressive strength, flat surface; excellent heat absorption reaction, thermal insulation, thermal insulation actual effect; excellent sound insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, elimination of noise actual effect; fire safety, seismic role highlighted; smooth structure, Kor Kor pressure; appearance, size, thickness can be customized to meet the requirements of the project; installation and maintenance is simple and flexible to reduce project construction and maintenance costs. The appearance, size and thickness can be customized to meet the requirements of the project; the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient, reducing the cost of construction and maintenance. In addition, the wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel’s grain color is close to the natural world, giving people a comfortable degree of pressure release and its objective artistry. Wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel features: 1.the surface wood grain texture is colorful and real Because aluminum limitation wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel wood grain surface is based on the heat transfer process, rolling paint and cover sub-film and other processing processes will be wood grain 3d decal to aluminum honeycomb panels, and thus the customer can choose the name of the wood grain texture is easy to complete, and the cost fee is lower. 2.Excellent

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Composite Panel Facade Cladding Systems

Today, composite panel systems are used in land, sea, air and space vehicles, in all architectural structures, in the defense industry, in many industries and in the manufacture of different products that have entered daily life. Today, it has become almost a necessity to use high-strength but “light” products. Since it is understood that it is not economical or possible to use many materials as “solid”, panels that are made into composite products with various combinations have started to take place more in projects. (Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Composite Panel, Natural Stone Composite Panel, Acoustic Composite Panel, Corrugated Composite Panel, Foam Foam Composite Panel) It is the formation of a light core and one or more different materials that surround and layer it. Aluminum honeycomb core, which are increasingly used for this purpose, provide significant advantages in land and sea structures and vehicles due to their lightness, compression and shear resistance, flame resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and easy workability. Panels, walls, wall panels, wooden panels, furniture, which can be manufactured with traditional and conventional materials (such as solid wood or plywood, aluminum) appear as the most important element that increases the weight of the structures from time to time. With this result, in order to provide minimum weight and maximum strength, composite panels (honeycomb panel) appear as the option that will give the best answer to your needs. In the formation of the composite material, two main material origins are used, and sometimes the composite materials fed

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Алюминиевые сотовые панели

Алюминиевый сотовый заполнитель завершен и готов к отгрузке. OQC необходимо выполнить перед отгрузкой, и этикетка должна быть прикреплена, чтобы быстро узнать спецификации.Как правило, крупногабаритные товары превращаются в деревянные ящики для экспортной упаковки для защиты алюминиевого сотового заполнителя.

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Aluminum honeycomb core apply with Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y latest information A Model Y car taken at the Tesla Center at the Shanghai World Expo on January 18.Y is the second vehicle produced and delivered to Chinese users after Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory, following the Model 3 made in China, marking Tesla’s development in China has entered a new stage. Tesla said that Tesla China-made Model Y will only be delivered in various cities in China, and the vehicles will be delivered to users at a speed. It is understood that as Tesla’s second SUV, the Chinese-made Model Y is positioned as a high-performance, fully intelligent medium-sized SUV, with a panoramic glass roof that allows a wider field of view, a blackened full-vehicle chrome decoration, and a 15-inch central touch. The design of the control screen and the new center console and the new front door panel. In addition, the Chinese-made Model Y long-range version has a cruising range of up to 594 kilometers. Charging at the V3 super charging station for 15 minutes can supplement up to about 250 kilometers of battery life. At present, Tesla has opened 720 super charging stations and 5,700 super charging stations in China. Among them, Shanghai has a total of 86 super charging stations, more than 880 super charging piles, and 48 destination charging stations, covering the core business districts, hotels, scenic spots and other popular areas that carry users’ leisure life.Inquired on Tesla’s official website, it is found that Tesla is now ordering a Tesla Model Y made

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Composite Pp Honeycomb Panel

Top 8 reasons to choose polypropylene honeycomb core as a composite panel

The polypropylene honeycomb core is a lightweight core that delivers excellent flex properties, including longitudinal stiffness and compression strength. The PP honeycomb core can be widely used in industrial lightweight construction, especially for vehicles and automobiles. The thickness of the PP honeycomb core is 5mm-500mm. Main Characteristics Lightweight The PP honeycomb is light in weight that can reduce the weight of transporting facilities, it helps to gain the capacity and increase the speed of transportation to cut down the costs.the board is 1/12 times the weigth of same volume of water,1/32 times the weight of aluminum,which proves that it can greatly reduce load weight and the weight of vehicle,ship and light rail vehicle. Waterproof and corrosion resistance The PP honeycomb products are strong enough to be applied to high moisture conditions and strong corrosive environments, such as harbor construction and floating raft at sea.Anti-water anf humidity:stay same shape ven in the water Effective resistance to sound transmission Qualified for soundproofing equipment for mobile vehicles and other transporting facilities. Advance compression and impact resistance The pp honeycomb structure is good at abstracting the external force and reduce the effect of collisions. It is utilized in car bumpers, sporting protective armors, and other fields. Advance heat-insulation and sound The Polypropylene honeycomb ensuring the stability of inner temperature and therefore it can be used in refrigeration containers and car tanks. The air between the two layers of honeycomb panel is divided into numerous closed cells which can prohibit the spread of sound and

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Let’s learn more details of Aluminum Honeycomb Core !

Honeycomb material is the general name of a kind of material with whole or part honeycomb core structure, which is a typical representative of the application of modern bionic principle, and its structure is similar to that of honeycomb, so it gets its name. Common aluminum honeycomb core materials type There are two kinds of common honeycomb core materials: metal honeycomb core and non-metallic honeycomb core.Metal honeycomb core is mainly aluminum honeycomb core,Most of it are commercial 3003 alloy and aerospace 5052 alloy in Chinese market.Non-metallic honeycomb core materials include polypropylene honeycomb Core, paper honeycomb core and aramid honeycomb core. Structure of Aluminum Honeycomb Core The aluminum honeycomb core is a multi-layer aluminum foil bonded, stacked and stretched into a regular hexagonal honeycomb core, and the honeycomb holes restrained by each other can bear the pressure from the direction of the composite honeycomb plate, making the force of the plate uniform. It ensures that the honeycomb plate maintains a high flatness in a large area. Four important aspects of aluminum honeycomb core:1 aluminum foil;2 core thickness;3 cell size ;4 core weight Foil thickness 0.04mm, 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.08mm Cell size 3.2mm, 4.8mm, 5.2mm, 6mm, 6.48mm, 6.9mm, 8.7mm, 10.4mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17.3mm, 19mm, 21mm, 26mm side length 1.83mm , 2.75mm , 3mm , 3.45mm , 3.75mm , 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 7.5mm, 8.5mm , 10mm , 11.25mm , 12mm , 15mm Partial aluminum honeycomb core datas Core thickness: 8mm to 300mmSupplied in: aluminum honeycomb blocks, unexpanded slices or expanded

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Carbon Fiber Prepreg With Aramid Honeycomb Core (Commercial grade)

Aramid honeycomb core known for its suitability for use with prepreg laminates, it can also be used The simplest way to create a very lightweight aramid honeycomb panel would be to laminate a composite sheet using glass or carbon fibre with epoxy resin to form the outer skins for the panel. Using a peel-ply on the open surface of the laminate will make preparation for bonding much easier. Once cured the sheet can be removed from the laminating surface (typically a sheet of glass), ready to be sandwiched either side of the honeycomb. Meta-aramid honeycomb is widely used in aerospace.trains boats, yachts, antenna cover and etc..

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