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Composite Panel Facade Cladding Systems

Today, composite panel systems are used in land, sea, air and space vehicles, in all architectural structures, in the defense industry, in many industries and in the manufacture of different products that have entered daily life. Today, it has become almost a necessity to use high-strength but “light” products. Since it is understood that it is not economical or possible to use many materials as “solid”, panels that are made into composite products with various combinations have started to take place more in projects. (Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Composite Panel, Natural Stone Composite Panel, Acoustic Composite Panel, Corrugated Composite Panel, Foam Foam Composite Panel) It is the formation of a light core and one or more different materials that surround and layer it. Aluminum honeycomb core, which are increasingly used for this purpose, provide significant advantages in land and sea structures and vehicles due to their lightness, compression and shear resistance, flame resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and easy workability. Panels, walls, wall panels, wooden panels, furniture, which can be manufactured with traditional and conventional materials (such as solid wood or plywood, aluminum) appear as the most important element that increases the weight of the structures from time to time. With this result, in order to provide minimum weight and maximum strength, composite panels (honeycomb panel) appear as the option that will give the best answer to your needs. In the formation of the composite material, two main material origins are used, and sometimes the composite materials fed

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