Top 8 reasons to choose polypropylene honeycomb core as a composite panel

The polypropylene honeycomb core is a lightweight core that delivers excellent flex properties, including longitudinal stiffness and compression strength. The PP honeycomb core can be widely used in industrial lightweight construction, especially for vehicles and automobiles. The thickness of the PP honeycomb core is 5mm-500mm.


Main Characteristics


The PP honeycomb is light in weight that can reduce the weight of transporting facilities, it helps to gain the capacity and increase the speed of transportation to cut down the costs.the board is 1/12 times the weigth of same volume of water,1/32 times the weight of aluminum,which proves that it can greatly reduce load weight and the weight of vehicle,ship and light rail vehicle.

Waterproof and corrosion resistance

The PP honeycomb products are strong enough to be applied to high moisture conditions and strong corrosive environments, such as harbor construction and floating raft at sea.Anti-water anf humidity:stay same shape ven in the water

Effective resistance to sound transmission

Qualified for soundproofing equipment for mobile vehicles and other transporting facilities.

Advance compression and impact resistance

The pp honeycomb structure is good at abstracting the external force and reduce the effect of collisions. It is utilized in car bumpers, sporting protective armors, and other fields.

Advance heat-insulation and sound

The Polypropylene honeycomb ensuring the stability of inner temperature and therefore it can be used in refrigeration containers and car tanks. The air between the two layers of honeycomb panel is divided into numerous closed cells which can prohibit the spread of sound and heat.

Environmentally friendly toxic-free, harmless and recyclable

The pp honeycomb can be used for food storage and package.


relatively low permitivity.


easy to cut with a common box cutter and to form special shapes board

Suitable composite materials

The usual using method is to be bonded to other materila to be sandwich panel to be construction materials.normally :fiberglass,colo plate,aluminum panel,wood panel,stone marble,paper ,board,fire-proof palte etc.the properties of PP honeycomb make it widely used as partitions in construction or as building board. Panels can be incorporated into ceilings, fairing, or as parking pavement, or used as pavement in gardens and parks. The applications of polypropylene honeycomb extend beyond construction to automobile manufacturing, such as when it is used as flooring, wall, or roof of a bus or trailer, or when used in high-end packing materials or as a radar cover.

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Automotive industy

1.dry cargo compartment: two side of body, roof panel. lightweight, heat insulation, anti-corrosion.

2.truck body:light weight, high compressive strength,energy absorption and easy to assemble and process, recyclable.

Dry Turck

3.ambulance:floor board, partition.working table and carriage. lightweight, sound insulation, impact resistant and energy absorption.anti-corrosion.


Architectural decoration

Portable Toilet 

wall panel,floor,partition panel,kitchen cabinet,bathroom

easy to assemble and disassemble, reusable,anti-water and humidity, good dimensional stability, strong impact resistance.

Portable Toilet

integral bathroomm


work station in kitchens

table board

not easy to crack when combined with marble, high intensity,toxic-free, environmental protection, acid, and alkali resistance

Kitchen Cabinet

Yacht industry


deck and superstructure, bulkhead, internal equipment

light-weight and save energy, impact resistance, waterproof, and anti-corrosion. sound insulation and noise reduction.


High-speed rail industry

floor of high-speed trail

light-weigth,sound insulation,impact resistant and energy absorption,anti-corrosion

High Speed

Air filters systerm

air filters,air conditioners,air cleaners

Air Filter

Other industry

Car tent

Car Tent 1

turnover box

Light weight, high strength, easy to assemble and process, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, and recyclable

Turnover Box

luggage and bags

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