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Precision Pickleball Paddles Crafted with PP Honeycomb Panels

Pickleball, originating in Seattle, USA, is an emerging sport that amalgamates elements of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Initially crafted from wood, pickleball paddles have evolved, progressing from paper honeycomb-infused, lightweight plastic sheets to the current fiberglass/carbon fiber composite honeycomb panels.The paddle is also made with a lightweight polypropylene honeycomb core and durable fiberglass face. Why use pp honeycomb core to by Pickle ball Using a PP (polypropylene) honeycomb core in pickleball paddles offers a range of advantages that cater to the needs and preferences of pickleball players. Here are some key reasons why PP honeycomb cores are commonly chosen for pickleball paddles: All these advantages collectively contribute to a superior playing experience for pickleball players using paddles with PP honeycomb cores. However, it’s important to note that the overall performance of a paddle also depends on factors like the paddle’s design, grip, shape, and player preferences. Product Parameters cell size(mm) 6 8 density(kg/m3) 90 80 Compressive strength(MPA) 1.65 1.57 Shear strength(MPA) 0.45 0.45 Operating temperature(°C) -40°C–+80°C -40°C–+80°C Thermal insulation U-value(W/M2K) 2.2 2.2 Item Standard(mm) Tolerance(mm) Thickness(mm) 8-80 ±0.3 Length(mm) 2440 ±1.0 Width(mm) 1220 ±1.0

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Composite Pp Honeycomb Panel

Top 8 reasons to choose polypropylene honeycomb core as a composite panel

The polypropylene honeycomb core is a lightweight core that delivers excellent flex properties, including longitudinal stiffness and compression strength. The PP honeycomb core can be widely used in industrial lightweight construction, especially for vehicles and automobiles. The thickness of the PP honeycomb core is 5mm-500mm. Main Characteristics Lightweight The PP honeycomb is light in weight that can reduce the weight of transporting facilities, it helps to gain the capacity and increase the speed of transportation to cut down the costs.the board is 1/12 times the weigth of same volume of water,1/32 times the weight of aluminum,which proves that it can greatly reduce load weight and the weight of vehicle,ship and light rail vehicle. Waterproof and corrosion resistance The PP honeycomb products are strong enough to be applied to high moisture conditions and strong corrosive environments, such as harbor construction and floating raft at sea.Anti-water anf humidity:stay same shape ven in the water Effective resistance to sound transmission Qualified for soundproofing equipment for mobile vehicles and other transporting facilities. Advance compression and impact resistance The pp honeycomb structure is good at abstracting the external force and reduce the effect of collisions. It is utilized in car bumpers, sporting protective armors, and other fields. Advance heat-insulation and sound The Polypropylene honeycomb ensuring the stability of inner temperature and therefore it can be used in refrigeration containers and car tanks. The air between the two layers of honeycomb panel is divided into numerous closed cells which can prohibit the spread of sound and

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