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paper honeycomb board

Unveiling the Craftsmanship and Production Process of Paper Honeycomb Board: Features from Chinese Factory

The manufacturing process of paper honeycomb board Introduction Paper honeycomb board, a lightweight and versatile material, is widely used in various industries for its structural strength and eco-friendly properties. This article will delve into the three different production techniques used to manufacture paper honeycomb board: the Wrapping Method, the Stacking Method, and the Direct Forming Method. The Wrapping Method The Wrapping Method involves creating the honeycomb paper core first, which is then cut into desired lengths. These cut pieces are glued together, and a face paper is pressed on top to form the honeycomb paper board. This method is also known as the “wrapping method.”The process starts by feeding two rolls of paper in the same direction, with adhesive applied to one roll’s surface. The two rolls are then bonded together and wound around an octagonal drum. As the drum wraps to a certain thickness, it undergoes vertical cutting to create eight faces. The cut paper core is then horizontally stretched to its final form. While the Wrapping Method boasts high efficiency, it generates around 18% waste material. The Stacking Method In the Stacking Method, the honeycomb paper core is created first, and then the board is made by stacking layers of paper sheets. Each paper sheet is horizontally glued with the sheet below it, creating a layered structure. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the paper is directly stretched to form the honeycomb paper board.Compared to the Wrapping Method, the Stacking Method is more time-consuming and less efficient but

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