New product category: Adhesives

In 2024, we are introducing a new product category: adhesive sealants. Our focus will be on a series of adhesive products, including polyurethane adhesives, epoxy adhesives, UV-curable adhesives, reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesives, water-based adhesives, modified silanes, and thermal interface materials. These offerings span a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, positioning us at the forefront of the industry.

Our versatile product portfolio and cutting-edge technologies find extensive use across various domains, such as consumer electronics, industrial electronics, automotive electronics, 5G optical communication, new energy vehicles, automotive interior and exterior components, rail transportation, marine vessels, wind energy, construction, filters, and cold chain logistics. Additionally, we provide environmentally friendly bonding solutions through multiple adhesive techniques, supporting our clients’ success on all fronts.

We prioritize the development of low-VOC adhesive products, ensuring robust technical performance. By combining specific requirements from the automotive, rail transportation, electronics, and construction sectors regarding VOC emissions, we utilize eco-friendly raw materials and implement specialized process controls. Our commitment contributes to environmental protection and healthier living.

new product
new product

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