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Honeycomb material is the general name of a kind of material with whole or part honeycomb core structure, which is a typical representative of the application of modern bionic principle, and its structure is similar to that of honeycomb, so it gets its name.

Honeycomb Sandwich
Honeycomb Sandwich

Common aluminum honeycomb core materials type

There are two kinds of common honeycomb core materials: metal honeycomb core and non-metallic honeycomb core.
Metal honeycomb core is mainly aluminum honeycomb core,Most of it are commercial 3003 alloy and aerospace 5052 alloy in Chinese market.
Non-metallic honeycomb core materials include polypropylene honeycomb Core, paper honeycomb core and aramid honeycomb core.

Structure of Aluminum Honeycomb Core

The aluminum honeycomb core is a multi-layer aluminum foil bonded, stacked and stretched into a regular hexagonal honeycomb core, and the honeycomb holes restrained by each other can bear the pressure from the direction of the composite honeycomb plate, making the force of the plate uniform. It ensures that the honeycomb plate maintains a high flatness in a large area.

Alu Core Structure
Aluminum Core Structure

Four important aspects of aluminum honeycomb core:1 aluminum foil;2 core thickness;3 cell size ;4 core weight

Foil thickness0.04mm, 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.08mm
Cell size3.2mm, 4.8mm, 5.2mm, 6mm, 6.48mm, 6.9mm, 8.7mm, 10.4mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17.3mm, 19mm, 21mm, 26mm
side length 1.83mm , 2.75mm , 3mm , 3.45mm , 3.75mm , 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 7.5mm, 8.5mm , 10mm , 11.25mm , 12mm , 15mm
Partial aluminum honeycomb core datas

Core thickness: 8mm to 300mm
Supplied in: aluminum honeycomb blocks, unexpanded slices or expanded sheets.

Characteristics of aluminum honeycomb core

  • Light weight, high strength, good tear resistance
  • High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance
  • Good flame retardant, sound insulation and thermal insulation
  • The shape of the plate is wide ,high flatness.
  • High cementation strength.
  • Products can composite with a variety of materials, easy to process, stable performance.

Application of aluminum honeycomb core

With the development of composite materials, After the aluminum honeycomb core is made of composite board

It has been applied in more and more fields.Such as building curtain wall panel, ceiling panel, marine internal installation,

railway train & subway, cleaning rooms, furniture ……….

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