Carbon Fiber Prepreg With Aramid Honeycomb Core (Commercial grade)

Aramid honeycomb core known for its suitability for use with prepreg laminates, it can also be used

The simplest way to create a very lightweight aramid honeycomb panel would be to laminate a composite sheet using glass or carbon fibre with epoxy resin to form the outer skins for the panel. Using a peel-ply on the open surface of the laminate will make preparation for bonding much easier. Once cured the sheet can be removed from the laminating surface (typically a sheet of glass), ready to be sandwiched either side of the honeycomb. Meta-aramid honeycomb is widely used in aerospace.trains boats, yachts, antenna cover and etc..

aramid honeycomb core application
aramid honeycomb core application
aramid honeycomb core application

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