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Aluminum in facades -Global trend

The use of aluminium as a façade cladding material brings with it not only the functional advantages of a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material. The use of anodised aluminium is in keeping with trends set by leading architectural offices around the world. Chinese studio Open Architecture has presented renderings of the Grand Theatre for the city of Yichang. According to the architects, the building will not have a pronounced geometric shape, but will rather resemble a water stream. The site will have an area of 70,000 square metres. The project has two theatrical halls (1,200 and 400 seats) and two outdoor stages. Classrooms, event and exhibition spaces, rehearsal rooms, cafés, restaurants and viewing platforms are also planned for the building. “The design of the Grand Theatre is inspired by the element of water, which defines the entire architecture of Yichang,” says Li Hu, one of Open Architecture’s partners. “Even though water looks calm, it has infinite power. The façades of the Bolshoi Theatre will be covered in anodised aluminium. During the day they will reflect light, creating an imitation of liquid metal. Natural shaped windows will unite the interiors with the outside natural environment. A garden is planned, which together with the garden terraces will create a special microclimate in the building. Niches in the river-side façade will provide natural ventilation for the lobby. The use of aluminum in facades is a global trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Aluminum is a lightweight, strong, and durable material

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Different effects of aluminum honeycomb panels applied to the ceiling panels

Aluminum honeycomb panels applied to the ceiling panels,Light luxury and simplicity, break the tradition,The high-strength light-weight, aluminum honeycomb core material is sandwiched between two lavers of aluminum plates to form this ideal flat plate with high flatness The smooth surface treatment of the aluminum plate the flat surface and the smallest joint interval make the entire ceiling area present an extremely wide and flat appearance.This innovative panel system can achieve a minimum seam width of 3mm making the indoor ceiling fresh and bright.

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What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel?

What are the characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel? The characteristics of wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels are similar to aluminum honeycomb panels, only the grain color can be artistic and characteristics to enhance, and the green building materials wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel characteristics are as follows: light quality, high compressive strength, flat surface; excellent heat absorption reaction, thermal insulation, thermal insulation actual effect; excellent sound insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, elimination of noise actual effect; fire safety, seismic role highlighted; smooth structure, Kor Kor pressure; appearance, size, thickness can be customized to meet the requirements of the project; installation and maintenance is simple and flexible to reduce project construction and maintenance costs. The appearance, size and thickness can be customized to meet the requirements of the project; the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient, reducing the cost of construction and maintenance. In addition, the wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel’s grain color is close to the natural world, giving people a comfortable degree of pressure release and its objective artistry. Wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel features: 1.the surface wood grain texture is colorful and real Because aluminum limitation wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel wood grain surface is based on the heat transfer process, rolling paint and cover sub-film and other processing processes will be wood grain 3d decal to aluminum honeycomb panels, and thus the customer can choose the name of the wood grain texture is easy to complete, and the cost fee is lower. 2.Excellent

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