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ONLY the Finest.

Premium quality can only be born by combining skilled work with the best materials available.

Each material used in making our honeycomb core is carefully selected by our QC experts to ensure it’s green & of top-quality.

All materials will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified materials will be put into mass production.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core For Delicate Process Details

raw materials
Raw materials

At Joy’s warehouse, there are lots of aluminum alloy rolls, 3003 series and 5052 series with 0.04mm/0.05mm/0.06mm/0.07mm/0.08mm foil thickness. Once the customer places an order, we can arrange the production immediately, save time and deliver the goods as soon as possible.

about quality-gluing

Aluminum foil is passed through a printer for adhesive lines to be printed,then the foil is cut to size and stacked into piles using our stacking machine.

hot press
Hot press the honeycomb block

These stacked sheets are pressed using a heated press to allow the adhesive to cure and bond the sheets of foil together to form a block of honeycomb.

Cut to slice

The block of aluminum honeycomb can be cut into slices. The thickness of the slices can be tailored to each customer’s individual requirements

Quality Control

Each honeycomb slice measures five points to ensure that the thickness desired by the customer is achieved.

Packed with plywood with mark

Joy will use standard export packages plywood box,which will largely protect the products well during land/sea/air/train transportation. Customized package requirements are available.

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